By October 16, 2008

Big review of T-Mobile G1

tmobg11ZDnet have got it and looked at it in a lot of detail. There are 100’s of pictures and a few videos for you to sink your teeth into alongside a whopping 7 page review. Generally the review is very positive and most interestingly the reviewer has pointed out quite a few omissions from the hardware. Video and overview after the break.


Things that need to be updated:-

  • Improved Bluetooth profiles (A2DP, keyboard, file transfer)
  • Better camera functionality (panorama, macro, black & white, etc.)
  • Video capture capability
  • Video/movie viewer (already provided in the Android Market though)
  • On screen text input methods (sometimes I don’t want to open the keyboard)
  • Multiple Google Calendar support (even for viewing calendars like we can on the desktop)
  • File Explorer (I can’t believe this isn’t on there already)
  • Ability to assign keyboard shortcuts to controls (Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS)
  • Internet sharing/tethering utility
  • Note taking application (this should have been included at launch)

There are also some things that I recommend changing in the hardware for the G2 and this includes the following:

  • Headset jack type and placement (it is tough to type with the headset jack plugged in)
  • Flash and better camera hardware
  • Brighter keyboard backlight with controls for the brightness
  • Auto display brightness control
  • Stereo speakers
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