By October 3, 2006

Battery life on US networks

As many of you will know, I have been in Florida for the past 9 days. As I have to keep in contact with work at pretty much all times I had to take my phone with me and I’m currently using my HTC TyTN.

When I arrived in Florida I turned the phone on as I left the airport and within a few seconds it had automatically switched over to Cingular, even offering me 3G coverage. This was excellent news.

I used my phone about the same amount as I would at home, collecting email using push from my exchange server and taking/making a few calls per day.

I found one thing rather puzzling: During my time there I had to charge the battery twice, averaging about 4 days standby on each charge, at home I have to charge it at least every other day!

Is there something about the US networks that means there is less drain on the battery or could this be put down to the warm weather in florida? Any ideas??


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