By October 1, 2009

BASIC for iPhone released to app store

Long time ago, back when the coolest thing in store, was a Commodore 64 some games were released in source code of BASIC language. You want to relive it on your iPhone with a legal app from an app store? Now you can:


Description from the developer:

There has already been 8-bit Video Games for iPhone. But how about games older than that? iBASIC presents you some of the most popular games in Home Computer Era (late 1970s to mid-1980s) and makes them running on iPhone/iPod Touch. There is no fancy video and 3D effects, but just a lot of fun and memories!


– Text-Mode Gaming with Keyboard Input
– Six Classic Games (Life, StarTrack, Lemonade Stand, Hamurabi, etc.)
– Auto Screen Rotation
– Shake to BREAK Execution
– Help Page Included

Commentary: no, it is not a BASIC interpreter but just an “iBASIC” app that brings retro gaming feel. It is not possible to write your own games or to adapt existing ones… although certainly many people would love to do it but it is forbidden by Apple as no interpreters are allowed into app store.

Get it here:

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