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BlackBerry Z10 unboxing video

Z10 T

BlackBerry 10 has been on the cards for some time and the first device to hit the shops will be the all touch BlackBerry Z10. We were lucky enough to get an early review model and first impressions are fantastic. Both the hardware and the new OS from RIM are first class and I am pretty sure that millions of other users will soon agree with me.

BlackBerry 10 was officially announced across the world earlier today and the devices will be in store here in the UK tomorrow. With around 9 million UK BlackBerry subscribers already BlackBerry 10 is sure to grow the numbers, maybe not overnight but in time I am confident it will give the iPhone and Android handsets a run for there money.

You can catch a quick unboxing video of the BlackBerry Z10 below and stay tuned over the next few days for some more in depth videos.


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Samsung expands its e-book service with Readers Hub 2.0


Samsung Electronics today announced it has expanded its e-book service and will now offer even more customers the chance to transform their digital reading experience with Readers Hub 2.0.  The service brings thousands of bestsellers and e-books from around the world, including illustrated cooking books and interactive reading materials for kids, to owners of Samsung’s smartphones and tablets.

Searching and navigating the extensive catalogue available with Readers Hub 2.0 is now quicker and simpler than before. Its enhanced content recommendation service makes it easy to find the titles that are right for each customer. Once they have made their choice, all they need to do is open the title and the intuitive interface allows them to customise the viewing experience:  change the text size, background colour or screen brightness so that it is just right for each individual, no matter when and where they are reading.

Simply touching the screen brings up a menu that allows readers to highlight key passages and annotate their reading. The notes are stored separately for easy reference, and can be easily shared. Readers Hub 2.0 also allows excerpts to be posted and shared from eBooks on individuals’ social networks, at any time.

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O2 offering up personalised voicemail – by Brian Blessed


O2 has recruited acting heavyweight, Brian Blessed – he of the sonorous voice and even mightier volume – to record a series of bespoke voicemail messages exclusively for them on the new Windows Phone 8X and Windows Phone 8S by HTC.

Well known for his Kingly portrayals, Brian Blessed is perhaps best loved for his roles as Prince Vultan in Flash Gordon – for which he is frequently remembered for the famous line “Gordon’s Alive?” – and as King Richard IV in the first series of The Black Adder.

Blessed is now lending his thundering voice to O2 to mark the launch of two new Windows Phone 8 handsets by HTC which, with their customisable interfaces and personalised “live tiles”, allow people to truly tailor their mobile phones.

The first 100 customers who buy either a new Windows Phone 8S by HTC or Windows Phone 8X by HTC between Monday 28th January and Monday 4th February and tweet @O2 using hashtag #brianmail will get a personalised voicemail recorded by Prince Vultan himself.   Brian, who’s taking time out from DIVE-ing and discovering Gordon isn’t dead, will be creating completely individual messages based on the person’s name and their interests, meaning no two messages will be alike.

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A new iPad Bluetooth keyboard – from ARCHOS Design


Earlier this week ARCHOS Design announced the Bluetooth Keyboard for iPad; a magnetic Bluetooth full QWERTY keyboard for 2nd, 3rd and 4th generations. The Bluetooth Keyboard for iPad was created by a new division in ARCHOS that will be dedicated to sharing ARCHOS innovations with other brands. With a very similar look and feel to the ARCHOS Gen10 XS coverboard, the Bluetooth Keyboard for iPad is ultra-thin at only 5mm (0.2”) and features an adjustable kickstand along with an aluminum back casing. Combining the best of both worlds, iPad users can expect this to be available in March for £49 MSRP.

“The needs and wants of today’s consumer have changed drastically over the past few years. Consumers expect everything to be smaller, faster, thinner, lighter and aesthetically pleasing,” says Henri Crohas, Founder and CEO of ARCHOS. “In order to meet this demand we feel that we should share our innovation and design across a number of different platforms.”

Bluetooth Keyboard for iPad features include:

· Ultra-thin Design– At only 5mm (0.2”) this is the thinnest iPad Keyboard available; it’s almost as thin as a Smart Cover

· Adjustable kickstand – Allows one to adjust their iPad for the best viewing experience possible

· Magnetic bonding to the iPad – The keyboard is magnetically held to your iPad

· Automatic screen switch on/off Function – The iPad will turn on or off when the keyboard is removed or placed in the cover position

· Long battery life-Enjoy with your iPad for months thanks to a long battery life via a Bluetooth connection

· Aluminum back casing – Stylish aluminum back casing to match your iPad

· Full QWERTY keyboard – Type easily with a full keyboard and work quickly with iOS shortcuts

More info on the keyboard can be found at


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Lookout for Android gets updated


The Android mobile security application, Lookout has received an updated bringing two new features – one which is included in the free version and one that premium users can access.

· Lock Cam (available on free version) – lets you know if someone is trying to look at or use your smartphone without your permission. It silently takes a picture with the front-facing camera if the password on you smartphone is entered incorrectly three times. The picture is sent to your email, along with the location of your phone on Google Maps.

· Lock Screen (available on premium version) – if you lose your phone, you can now remotely lock it and tailor the lock screen with a message for whomever finds it. For example: “As you are a lovely person who values good karma, please contact me on XX to return my phone.”

Mobile security has become an increasingly important issue in the UK. The Metropolitan Police says phones are by far the most common item stolen, making up 70% of items taken in personal robberies. In fact, in London alone, 314 phones are stolen each day. Recent research by Lookout reveals some alarming attitudes towards mobile security and privacy in the UK:

· 66% of people don’t have a lock pin or passcode on their phone

· 28% of people admitted to looking at someone else’s phone without permission

· 12% of people surveyed said they found someone looking at their phone without permission

For more information on the new features of the Lookout app, as well the research, please see the full press release below:

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Sony Xperia T unboxing and hands on video

Xperia-T-2The Xperia T from Sony is the one that got all the hype as it featured (briefly) in the James Bond movie Skyfall. Is it worthy of being a special agents mobile? I would say so. The handset comes with some pretty decent specs, although it has been slightly outdone by the Xperia Z that was recently announced.

Offering up a glorious 4.55 inch TFT display the Xperia T is a good looking handset. It’s slim, sleek and looks kinda cool with its slightly curved shape. Powered by a 1.5GHz processor and running Android ICS the device is already being out gunned by many other smartphones but that’s just the nature of the smartphone industry.

Why not check out the unboxing and hands on video below and then make your mind up if this is the Android device for you.


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BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 now available to download


BES 10


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New 4G price plans from EE

EE logo

EE, the UK’s most advanced digital communications company, today announced a range of new 4GEE promotional price plans. The new packages are designed to provide consumers with an even greater choice of 4G options to suit their needs.

As a special promotion from 31 January until 31 March, a range of entry-level 4GEE plans is being introduced. For only £31 per month on a 24 month plan, customers receive unlimited UK calls and texts, and 500MB of mobile data, as well as the option to choose from a range of 4G smartphones for a one off fee such as the HTC One SV LTE or Nokia Lumia 820 which are available from just £29.99 (a saving of £90 on existing EE deals). Customers on 24 month plans can also take their unlimited calls and texts abroad with them to select destinations for just £5 more per month while those looking for flexibility can get a 12 month plan for only £41 per month.

Additionally, after listening to customers, EE will be launching a new plan offering 20GB of mobile data. The plan addresses a small number of ‘super-users’ (currently fewer than 1% of 4G customers), who have shown a desire to use more than the 8G of mobile data that is currently available on EE’s largest 4GEE plan. The 20GB plan, which is rolling out across retail channels from today, will be available on a 12 month SIM-only plan at a special rate of £46 per month for the full length of the plan if they sign-up between now and the 28 February. The bundle comes with unlimited UK calls and texts and is also available with the very latest 4G handsets for £61 per month on a 24 month plan to customers who sign-up by 28 February . EE is also introducing a new SIM-Only 12 month 8GB plan for £41 per month.

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Phones 4U to launch mobile network


High street retailer Phones 4U is soon to offer its own mobile network to contract customer. LIFE Mobile is due to kick off in March and as the MVNO will run off the EE network they intend to provide 4G options by the end of the year.

Prices and plans are not yet known, but with marketing planned to start in March we haven’t got long to wait. A nice new option for consumers.

Phones 4u group chief executive Tim Whiting said: “The launch of LIFE Mobile is a very significant step for the Phones 4u business. Our strategic vision is based upon a focus on building ever-stronger relationships with our customers, which we believe is fundamental to our on-going business success.

“This focus delivered record revenue growth in 2012, a year in which we opened more than 100 stores across the UK. We are delighted to be extending our longstanding partnership with EE in order to add LIFE Mobile to the extensive range of products and services available at Phones 4u.

“We will sell both 3G, and later in 2013, 4G LIFE Mobile tariffs alongside our existing network propositions and are confident the new network will play a key role in driving further growth for our business.”

Source: mobilenewscwp

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BlackBerry App World switches to its new name online


On the run up to the BlackBerry 10 launch BlackBerry App World has gone through its first rebranding stage. Visitors on the web will see that the store is now called BlackBerry World and has had a slight acelift.

Over the next few weeks BlackBerry users will see the store switch to the new name on PlayBooks and smartphones to complete the transition. BlackBerry 10 users will soon be able to purchase more than apps and games as RIM will be selling music and videos much like Apple and Android.

The BlackBerry World storefront offers a sleek experience that lets our customers discover incredible apps topersonalise their BlackBerry smartphone and PlayBook tablet, so they can kick back with some of the hottest entertainment and social networking apps around. When they’re in work mode, they can find great new ways to get access to the information they want and need, and boost their productivity. It all starts on the home screen, where the carousel shows off what’s new and exciting.

Apps and games have their own channels, and each one offers up a wide range of categories.  Customers can scope out top lists, as well as new arrivals. And if they find a cool new app? They’re able to share it with their friends over BBM, Facebook and Twitter or simply tap their smartphones together and invite them to download it- just like that.

With BlackBerry World, there are various ways to browse, download, buy, and manage apps using a BlackBerry smartphone, desktop or laptop computer, or BlackBerry PlayBook – inspiration is at your fingertips.


Fancy having a look? Click here.


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