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General Mobile DSTL1 Android device released


General Mobile have today released there first Android device, the DSTL1. The handset certainly has some unique selling points but also some not so good ones.

Top of the list is the fact that the DSTL1 is the first Android phone to feature dual sim, a great concept that not too many manufactures have mastered.

The strange thing about the handset, which may also put people off, is that is only runs on GPRS/Edge. Yes, no 3G!

Surprisingly it is also lacking GPS which in this day and age is pretty standard for smartphones.


dstl1 General Mobile

General Mobile DSTL1


It will certainly be interesting to see which carriers, if any, pick up the DSTL1 but in the meantime it is available to buy for $499.00 at, although at the moment they are showing as only having one available which strikes me as a little odd.

Watch this space for further updates on this product and for more info & specs please visit

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