By August 20, 2006

Atlantis ready for STS-115

[color=#6200aa]At a press conference late Wednesday, following the two-day flight readiness review at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida, NASA’s senior managers announced an Aug. 27 launch date for mission STS-115, resuming construction of the International Space Station. Launch is slated for 4:30 p.m. EDT.[/color]

Atlantis STS-115 Crew Photo

[color=#6200aa]NASA Administrator Michael Griffin said, “This was another great review and I’m looking forward to a great launch.” [/color]

[color=#6200aa]The Shuttle Mission Management Team conducts the review two weeks prior to the opening of the launch window for each space shuttle mission. The group conducts a comprehensive evaluation of all activities and elements necessary for the safe and successful performance of shuttle mission operations — from the prelaunch phase through post-landing — including the readiness of the vehicle, flight crew and payloads.[/color]


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