By January 19, 2007

Asus Pegasus appears

Images of the Asus Pegasus have appeared on the iF product design award website.

Asus Pegasus

Similar to the existing Asus P525 model the Pegasus builds upon that platform and includes integrated SiRF Star III GPS, WiFi and 400MHz CPU.

“A totally environment-friendly product to reflect the company’s respect for a green planet. Pegasus is a super-slim (15.4 mm) PDA phone that incorporates a PDA, a phone and a GPS navigation system in perfect union. The numeric keypad is handy for its phoning functions; a jog dial enhances the interface operation; single-handed control perfectly unites a phone with a PDA. The camera body is finished with brushed aluminum and diamond-cut edges to accentuate superior taste and a feeling of luxury.”

Full Asus Pegasus specification to follow.


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