By March 22, 2008

Asus P750 goes VGA!

If like us you have been following the Asus P750 news lately then I’m sure you will have heard all about the touchscreen display in the device and the fact that it’s actually a VGA panel running at QVGA resolution. Asus set the device up so that each pixel was represented by 4 physical pixels on the display.

So the question on everyones lips was will there be some kind of software update or hack that will allow the P750 to work in VGA mode. The answer comes from the guys over at who have managed to get their P750 to run quite happily in VGA mode!

Asus P750 in VGA mode

Asus P750 in VGA mode

In this thread on their forum they even go as far as to say that they will be releasing the firmware update for everyone to use within the next week!

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