By June 8, 2011

Asus Windows 7 Eeepc Tablet arrives through the backdoor

asusep121Asus has quietly launched a new 12.1″ Windows Tablet. I remember reading a review some months ago on Cnet and they were quite favourable of the device noting it as having  powerful specs, plenty of features  and a huge screen, which I sure you could have worked out yourself. However they also noted that it was difficult to use and hold because of it’s weight and the huge screen and the battery didn’t last as long as expected at only 3 hours.

The EP121 features a beefy Intel i5 processor, 32GB/64GB of storage with 2GB/4GB of RAM respectively. Complete with USB ports, Mini-HDMI, and memory card slots, the device also has a virtual keyboard hardware button, and an orientation lock also. The device weighs in at 2.6 pounds, which you had to expect with the 12.1? inch screen. This is been the Achilles heal for Windows 7 tablets, and I am sure something Microsoft and Intel want to change with Windows 8 devices.

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