By December 19, 2008

Asus Glaxy 7 reviewed

081218-glaxy7-01 It’s been several months now since we last caught sight of the 5-megapixel Asus Glaxy 7 phone, but it seems that Mobile Review were lucky enough to snag one for a quick review. So far, based on their impression on this Omnia look alike, it’s pretty well built and the Glide interface is almost on par with HTC’s TouchFlo3D.

The use of leather also adds a unique touch of sophistication to it, but it is somewhat disappointing to hear that they’ve downgraded its 800MHz processor to 528 MHz. Anyway, despite that small setback, it still manages to impress them. It makes you wonder what more if it had retained the 800MHz processor.

As far as its availability goes, it obviously didn’t make the October release date mentioned earlier, and now it’s reported to become available early next year. Well, we won’t hold out breath a second time around for this one until we finally see evidence that it is truly on its way to the consumer market.











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