By September 28, 2011

Archos spec change at the last minute

Archos_G9_tablets-550x217Looks like Archos is having to review their upcoming 1.5GHz G9 Honeycomb tablets. Apparently, Texas Instruments wont be able to keep their end of the bargain with their 1.5GHz OMAP 4 processors as they are being pushed back until next year. This, in turn, is causing Archos to rethink their tablet loadout. Rather than delay the October launch of their 10-inch (and higher-end 8-inch) tablets, Archos will instead rename these versions “Turbo” and equip them with slightly overclocked 1.2GHz versions of the dual-core TI processors found in the lower 8GB model. Come next year, when Texas Instruments is able to get their act together, Archos will re-outfit these “Turbo” versions with the newer TI 1.5GHz OMAP 4 processors.

Not sure what exactly this is going to do to the price tag or if there will be an option to have the devices re-fit with the speedier processor ala Motorola’s 4G shenanigans, only time will tell.

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