By April 12, 2010

Archos Gen 8 coming soon


By the time I get back, and effectively use my Gen 7 Archos the 8th should be out. Wasting no time to perfect it’s previous efforts, Archos is throwing another iPad special out to do battle. Here is an article from French site ArchosLounge translated by Google.

In fact 6 new Internet Tablet Android should be launched for the generation 8. The screens would begin 3 inches to 10 inches. These tablets boarded Android. Coté technical features: speaking of the ARM Cortex processor at 800MHZ 1GHZ that we know well at Archos, the 3G OpenGL (3D acceleration) and even multitouch what would be a great first for Archos!

Price 100 dollars to 350 dollars.

Let there be no doubt that the players displayed on the slide will not all be appointed in this way (a single image shrunk) and also all these players will probably not have the same amount of involvement R & D Archos.Understand then, that some players will like it became a habit of Chinese Archos players have been using the strategy of "turnkey". Finally we shall see, the presence of ARM Cortex processor may augur good things …

Photos: Via ITnews

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