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Archos 5 Internet Tablet unboxing video

Archos-5-Internet-Tablet-with-Android-1 A few months ago I got my hands on the Archos 5 Internet Media Tablet and we did a little review of the portable media player.

This time I’ve got my hands on the Archos 5 Internet Tablet to review. So at this point you may be wondering if I’ve just repeated myself in the last two sentences. However, the two devices are indeed different. The hardware on both the Internet Media and the Internet Tablet are much the same, the come in 32GB to 500GB models for example. However where they differ is in the operating system. The Internet Media tablet having a custom Linux-based OS and the Internet Tablet has a more standard Android operating system. We thought it would be worth seeing what this Android version had to offer.

As always the review is in the making but for now you can take a look at the unboxing video below.


Archos 5 Internet Tablet unboxing video


Archos 5 Internet Tablet specification:

Display characteristics High resolution touch screen, 800×480 pixels, 4.8” TFT LCD, 16 million colors
User interface Touch screen, ON/OFF, vol+ and vol- buttons, retractable virtual keyboard
Processor(s) Central Unit:

  • Main processor: ARM CortexTM-A8, 32 bit, In-order, dual-issue, superscalar core @ 800 MHz
  • Additional processor: 32 bit DSP @ 430 MHz
RAM memory 256 MB* (Low-Power Double Data Rate SDRAM)
Mass storage memory . Flash Memory: 8 to 32 GB* + Micro SD Slot (SDHC compatible)
. Hard Drive: 160 to 500 GB*
Operating system Android v1.6 Donut – enabling application installation or development
In its normal use mode, the ARCHOS 5 being a miniaturized Personal Computer:

Program language C – requires special developer-edition firmware15
Connectivity On board WiFi (802.11 b/g/n), USB 2.0 host with optional accessories
PC accessories Possible attachment of numerous standard USB PC accessories (keyboard, mouse, memory key, memory cards reader, camera and other future computer accessories)
Others applications Webbrowser, Email, Contacts, DroidInT, EbuddyTIM, TwidroidT, DeezerT, DailymotionT, Quickpedia, ThinkFree Mobile, Moov, Craigsphone, Pages jaunesT (only for France), High Paying Jobs (only for US & Canada), Alarm clock, Calculator…
Interfaces . USB 2.0: Media Transport Protocol (MTP)
. USB 2.0 Host: Mass Storage Class (MSC) and Picture Transfer Protocol (PTP) with optional Mini Dock, Battery Dock and DVR station
. Micro SD (SDHC compatible) on ARCHOS 5 Internet Tablet 8 to 32 GB
. Add-on connectors to connect to the DVR Station and other ARCHOS add-ons
Communication protocols . WiFi (802.11 b/g/n)
. Bluetooth 2.0 A2DP, EDR, ARCP, HID, Dial Networking
. FM transmitter (requires the Car-mount that features the antenna)
. FM receiver (RDS)
Video Codecs 7 . MPEG-4 HD (up to 720p)
. MPEG-48 (ASP@L5 AVI, up to DVD resolution)
. H.264 HD (up to 720p)
. WMV (MP@ML, up to DVD resolution) including WMV protected files
. MKV (up to 720p, 2500kbs, 23fps
. M-JPEG (Motion JPEG Video) in QVGA resolution

With optional plug-in (downloadable from your tablet or on
. Cinema: MPEG-2, WMV HD (720p), VOB

Audio codecs 7 . Stereo MP3 decoding @ 30-320 Kbits/s CBR & VBR,
. WMA, Protected WMA, WAV (PCM/ADPCM), AAC9(except protected content),
. AAC+ stereo audio files
. OGG Vorbis

With optional software plug-ins (downloadable from your tablet or on
. AC3 stereo audio and 5.1 sound files (via SPDIF output of DVR Station )

Photo viewer 10 JPEG, BMP, PNG, GIF
Subtitles Support subtitles files with .srt, .ssa, .smi, .sub extensions
Video recording 11 . Via the optional DVR Station or DVR Snap-on. Records NTSC/PAL/SECAM in MPEG-4 AVI format with stereo sound, VGA resolution (640 x 480) @ 30 or 25 f/s
. Via the optional TV Snap-on (only available for Europe): Records TV in MPEG-2 TS format.
Audio recording . Via the optional DVR Station or DVR Snap-on: Stereo line-in, WAV (IMA ADPCM or PCM) format
. Voice recording with the built-in microphone
Miscellaneous . Built-in speaker . Built-in leg stand . Built-in Microphone
Power source . Internal: Lithium Polymer battery
. Device charges via computer USB port
. External: Power adapter/charger (via optional add-on)
Battery life . Music playback time12: up to 22 hours13
. Video playback time12: up to 7 hours13
Scalability . Device automatically downloads latest firmware updates when the WiFi connection is activated
. Updates can also be downloaded at
Dimensions & weight . ARCHOS 5 Internet Tablet Flash series: 143,2×78,8×10,4 mm – 182g. ARCHOS 5 Internet Tablet Hard Drive series: 143,2×78,8×20 mm – 286g
In a possible use mode, in connection with an external computer through the USB B connector:

Minimum system requirements . Microsoft® Windows® XP, Vista, or higher (with Windows media Player 11 for MTP)
. Linux (with Mass Storage Device Support)
. USB 2.0 interface
Package includes ARCHOS 5 Internet Tablet, earphones, Standard USB cable, DVR Station adapter, Quick Start Guide (QSG), legal and safety notice.


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