By September 21, 2007

Apple announce UK iPhone

While Apple were busy offering the US the iPod Touch, here in the UK we are still waiting for the iPhone – In a recent press conference, Jobs & co gave people in the UK good news and bad about their version of the coveted handset, which is set to launch, exclusively to carrier O2, on 9th November. It was a pretty short event in all – but most of the big questions were touched upon (if not, in some frustrating cases, answered). So we know that come 9th November UK customers will be able to buy an 8GB iPhone, identical to the US model, for £269 with an 18-month contract.

Visual Voicemail has been freshly fettled for O2, while the biggest disappointment is the lack of a 3G upgrade which Jobs claimed was due to the required chips being particularly power-hungry. To salve the pain, Apple and O2 have negotiated free WiFi use from popular hotspot company The Cloud, who have 7,500 access points ready and waiting to rescue you from the drag of EDGE data, which so far O2 only has 30% coverage of anyway.

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