By July 9, 2011

Apple to release 2 new iPhones in September

iphone5 The rumour mill is back in full swing again and almost everyone is speculating about the new iPhone that Apple is expected to release later this year. I think almost all sources are pointing to a September launch of the iPhone 5.

Of course no one knows exactly what the iPhone 5 will look like and what its eventual spec will be, however, I would expect to see it with the same A5 dual-core chip from the iPad 2, probably with more ram and a version with 64GB of storage. I also personally think the design will be much more like the iPad 2 with curved aluminium back and probably thinner than the existing iPhone 4.

US-based blog 9 to 5 mac say that they have sources close to Apple and claim that September will not only see the launch of the iPhone 5 but also another iPhone handset in the same announcement. It’s thought that this phone with be the iPhone 4GS. The new iPhone 4GS is expected to be a cheaper and lower spec phone to compete with those low-end Android phones that are flooding the market.

Apple could make a less expensive iPhone by taking existing iPhone 4 technology and putting it in a cheaper aluminium body and replacing the screen for a non-IPS model.

If Apple do mange to pull this off and come up with an iPhone 4GS and iPhone 5 line-up then they are really on to a winner. Cant wait to see what September holds!


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