By January 27, 2010

Apple tablet arrived and it is called Apple iPad !!!

It’s beautiful!

Bad things:

— no multitasking
— cannot show Flash-enabled websites, no Flash
— no digitiser pen for high-precision drawing
— built-in battery
— you cannot make cellular phone calls, only voice over IP – the data card is “data only”
— no built-in camera(s)
— AT&T is exclusive provider in USA what is bad as people are sick and tired of AT&T’s network; the predictions that iPad will be available also with Verizon support appeared to be false
— “iPad 3G models are unlocked” => no SIM lock so you can buy 3G model without subscription and use it at your carrier of choice

Good things:

— it can run all iPhone apps out-of-the-box + it is possible to write apps especially for iPad but with the same SDK that is used for iPhone => huge synergy effect
— cheapest model is only $499 only and has no 3G, what may be an advantage considering how fast cellular technologies are developing (HSDPA 2 years ago was 3.6 MB/s only but now it is 14.4 MB/s standard with some operators having 28 MB/s operational in some cities)
— 10 hours battery life (when switched on, stand-by is counted in days)
— powered by ARM-compatible processor made by Apple itself – running at 1GHZ so faster than iPhone 3GS
— high resolution display => 1024×768 pixels with multitouch
— built-in GPS, compass, accelerometer – all the goodies from iPhone
— aluminium case (like in aluminium Macbooks) so very sturdy construction
— includes “iBooks” app that is Apple’s own eBook reader (hopefully it will have text search feature – that Amazon Kindle app for iPhone is missing sadly)

To learn more, visit – the official page of iPad that just launched merely minutes ago (we were hitting this URL since one hour).

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