By May 23, 2010

Apple iPad’s get a bit warm!

hotipad With the weather here in the UK turning warmer over the past few days I thought I would just post a quick word of caution to my fellow iPad users.

Matt and I decided to relax in the garden yesterday (rare) and I sat in the sun surfing the web on the iPad – the iPad is far better than a laptop for this!

After just about 10 minutes though the iPad came up with a warning message “iPad needs to cool down before you can use it”. Now whilst it’s true I was sitting in direct sunlight it was only just over 70 degrees here in the UK yesterday, hardly what I would call hot so I was surprised to get the warning message so quickly. I understand that this message is being seen rather more frequently in warmer climes.

My advice then it to avoid sitting with the iPad in direct sunlight, the black front of the iPad soaks up the heat rather well. Also you might want to avoid keeping it in a case while using it, especially the official black wrap-around cases that, being of a matt-black finish, are about as heat absorbing as you can get.

Once I moved the iPad to the shade for a while and extricated it from the case it cooled down pretty quickly and was soon functioning again.


Is there a thermometer app for that?


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