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Apple iPad event

ipad3event We’re just about 5 minutes away from the event starting. It’s action stations and I’m live blogging the event as it unfolds. Refresh this page frequently for updates as we go along!


17:55 – Getting excited now and everyone is being asked to settle and take their seats. Most are doing as they are told!

18:00 – Tim Cook takes the stage, looking remarkably Jobs-like!

18:02 – We’re kicking off with a run down of the post-PC devices that Apple brought to market. Apparently 172 million post-PC devices were sold last year. Accounting for 76% of apple revenue.

18:05 – Apple now has 362 retail stores and 110 million visitors.

18:06 – Video tour of Apple’s latest retail store.

18:07 – Tim’s back and talking about Siri now. Siri is your best friend! Funny thing is, it hates me!

18:08 – Siri now has a Aussie, French and German accent. iOS 5.1 will be rolling out later today including Japan?

japanese siri

18:10 – 100 million iCloud users. 585,000 apps available in the app store, 25 billion downloads.

18:11 – Movies now to be avaialable in 1080p on your new AppleTV with simple streamlined interface.


18:13 – Third-party apps mentioned for AppleTV also! Photostream comes to the device too.

18:15 – The price of the new AppleTV will be the same as the old $99 – bargain! Available from next week and pre-order today.

18:16 – Over 15 million iPad’s sold last quarter.


18:19 – More than 200,000 iPad specific apps in the app store

18:21 – Everyone has been wounding who could possibly come up with a product to be more amazing than the iPad2

18:22 – Tha company is Apple and here is the iPad 3!

18:24 – Yippee, retina display! 2048 x 1536 resolution! Over 3 million pixels 264 pixels per inch!

18:26 – iPad3 to boast a 40% better colour saturation


18:27 – A5X Quad core CPU

18:28 – New feature – iSight camera. 5 mega pixel sensor and 5 element lens (lets hope it’s way better than that iPad2 then!) Image processing built in to the A5X chip!

18:31 – 1080p video recording

18:32 – Voice dictation added to the iPad at last!

18:33 – Built in 4G LTE. Great for those in the US! LTE up to 73Mbps download speed!!!!

18:36 – Demo of photos downloading on LTE 4G in half the time.

– Notice that the design seems not to have changed a lot looking at the photos. Nothing on the physical size and weight as yet.

18:36 – International roaming thanks to the multi-band support. Can even act as personal hotspot if the carrier supports it.

18:38 – But what about the battery life.? For iPad2 we said 10 hours battery life – iPad3 will have the same battery life despite the new CPU and retina display.

18:40 – Physically – 9.4mm thick and 1.4lbs – slightly heavier!

18:41 – $499 for the 16GB – $599 and $699 for the 32GB and 64GB – Adding the 4G adds $130 to the price

18:42 – On sale from the 16th March and pre-orders from today! UK, USA, Japan, France and Germany all on the same day.

18:43 – Same price as existing models then.

18:44 – Existinng apps can be scaled up and rendered on the new display (same as iPhone apps did/do on the iPad)

18:45 – Some awesome game demos now on the big screen in the theatre – console-quality games.

18:46 – Chris Cheung from Autodesk now on stage – starting off by talking about desktop customers. Blah, blah, blah!

18:48 – Talking about sketchbook pro on the iPad – There’s a new engine for ink that "takes advantage of the incredible graphics power of iPad." Can support drawings of up to 100 mega-pixels.

18:50 – Mike Capps, president of Epic Games: demo time methinks. Oooh, Infinity Blade:Dungeons – HDR graphics and tone-mapping. Looks of beautiful lighting and action. "The Unreal engine is unleashing the power of the new iPad."

18:53 – iPad 3 "more memory or screen resolution than either the Xbox 360 or the PS3."

18:56 – Back with Phil:  iWork apps updated to take full advantage of the retina display

18:58 – iMovie updated too!

19.00 – Garage Band updated to include collaboration over wi-fi

19.02 – iPhoto for iPad launched

19.05 – iPhoto includes multi-touch editing and easily share through email, Flickr and Twitter

19.12 – Still talking about all the effects in iPhoto

19.15 – iPhoto will be priced $4.99 and released today

19.20 – Video playing

19.21 -  iPad2 to continue with a $100 price drop – 16GB $399

19.23 – New iPad commercial is being played

19.25 – and thats it – The new iPad it is!



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