By January 10, 2010

Apple introduces friendly URL/links to iPhone apps

This announcement is made by Apple for iPhone developers but you, as iPhone user, might be interested too – as it simplifies searching for and finding apps.

So, 4 days ago (on January 6, 2010), Apple has announced:

With iTunes links you can provide your customers with an easy way to access your apps on the App Store directly from your website or marketing campaigns. Creating an iTunes link is simple and can be made to direct customers to either a single app, all your apps, or to a specific app with your company name specified.

  • To send customers to a specific application:
  • To send customers to a list of apps you have on the App Store:
  • To send customers to a specific app with your company name included in the URL:

For example to see all apps from Gameloft, you can use the link

Commentary: for end users this simplified linking scheme might be also useful, if you want to pass a link to your favorite app to your friend or if you want to find other apps from given software house.

If you are interested in more technical details, click here. Original source of this story is here.

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