By June 1, 2008

Apple files patent for locating lost objects through iPhone Bluetooth

image Apple has filed a patent which could help users to track down easily lost objects such as a Bluetooth headset. The document with the title "Location discovery using Bluetooth" surfaced yesterday suggests that an iPhone could de used to ping a Bluetooth-paired device that would react with a high pitched sound or light.

A Bluetooth signal is much more sophisticated than a sound-tracking device you can buy for your keyring, which means there are added benefits.

For example, the time delay between sending and receiving a signal can be used to determine the distance between two devices. This information could be displayed in the iPhone’s display.
"The distance between the devices can be calculated by comparing the amount of time delay between the transmission of the signal sent from the master device to the slave device and the reception of the return signal from the slave device.

With a precise timing system, the master device can be capable of performing such measurements.
Since the speed of the radio waves is known, the distance can be calculated using the time information," the filing states.
Another discovery method Apple proposes, the use of directional antennas to determine the directive of a lost device relative to the phone.

All clever stuff, but not that helpful unless your car keys, wallet and watch all have a bluetooth chip in them as that what we lose the most.

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