By February 21, 2010

Apple cuts down on apps with adult content but some are slipping through yet

The main news story of latest days, when it comes to iPhone app store is: Apple has removed thousands of apps with adult content and is rejecting new ones that have some adult content, even if it is just silhouette, not photo, that might be visible. While browsing apps that were released in latest 3 days, we have encountered this one, that obviously must have slipped through Apple’s strict review process (approved merely few hours ago!):

We find this change in Apple’s policy to be interesting one as now we don’t have to go through hundreds of hot girl applications to find something interesting, but we also find it equally funny that some apps are getting through.

This change might be justified as now app store is being accessed also by young iPod touch owners who can buy iTunes coupons and can then confirm that they are 17+ but in fact they are not.

Do you agree with this decision of Apple to remove adult content from app store?

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