By January 23, 2009

App stores and why they are important

app-store-appsApple Inc. was not the first computer company to use the idea of an app store, which they did for their iPhone. Other computer platforms have even more sophisticated software installation processes. On the IBM mainframe computer I work on, our systems programmers first run installation of software in “prelim mode” to make sure all necessary updates are in place before proceeding with a “final” systems software installation. Down time is unheard of for large 24/7 businesses these days.

Apple brought the concept of a unified installer first to their Macintosh computer line, and have now introduced it to their iPhone platform. No need to go thru the numbers on how successful Apple has been with their app store for the iPhone. It has been a huge success.

Before the Apple app store, many mobile device users had no idea they could install software on their phones. Many people have owned a computer for many years, but have a deathly fear of installing software on it.

The Apple app store simplifies the whole mobile app installation process down to a few clicks. Every iPod user who knows how to sync music to their iPod can now install mobile apps on a smartphone.

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