By February 4, 2010

Major iPhone app store change: web pages for apps!

At last! So you want to show how cool some iPhone app is, including screenshots, to your friends who have no iPhone and no iTunes installed on their PCs? No problem anymore. Just send them a link and then instead of trying to open iTunes, a webpage with given app appears, like this:

While still a full directory of apps is missing and you have to open apps either by direct link or by related apps links on given page, this is huge progress. It also means that if you are on a PC at work (that obviously has no iTunes on it, due to corporate security policy), you can study apps and reviews etc.

To see example click here (the most popular game on iPhone, the game that was even mentioned on The Big Bang Theory TV comedy series).

Commentary: at the end of March 2010, Apple is releasing commercially iPad (in USA also 3G version, overseas: WiFi version only at first) and clearly Apple understands what will be the most important factor in success of iPad: apps – “it’s all about apps, stupid!”. No wonder therefore that Apple is improving everything related to app store lately…

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