By October 6, 2011

App applause – Simplenote

Simplenote-logo Cloud addict that I am my search for an online text editor had produced many options but few winners. I had always disliked MS Word and was glad to be able to switch to Writely on the web which was subsequently purchased by Google and transformed into Google Docs. GDocs do what they do very well but personally I don’t like the feature-creep as they battle with MS Office Live. To much of what I don’t need. Mobile access and editing was non-existent to poor so I started to look for an iPhone app that had a web interface.

Hello Simplenote from Simperium. Currently available specifically on the web, iPhone and iPad, Simplenote is pretty much what the name suggests. A basic notes app that syncs seamlessly between devices and the web. The free version features the most unobtrusive ads I’ve never seen and the paid version ($19 a year) removes the ads you don’t notice and features Dropbox sync, email note creation, extended version history and RSS.

Notes can be markdown formatted, printed, shared publicly or privately on the web and tagged for easy searching and retrieval. The native iPhone and iPad apps have superb interfaces which, quite literally, disappear so you can get on with what you’re doing and not be bothered by how you’re doing it.

There are a whole host of third-party apps for Windows, Android, Mac OS X and well as a multitude of browser extensions.

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