By September 19, 2011

App applause – Summify

Summify_logo If you’re anything like me (god help you) you get most of your news via Twitter, Facebook and/ or an RSS reader and not direct from the original source. OK, if you’re not then move along. There’s nothing to see here.

In fact I gave up on RSS last year and depend totally on Twitter and Facebook for news. The one downside of getting rid of the tyranny of the unread item count in RSS is that it’s easy to miss stories as they fly by on Twitter.

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Cue Summify, a nitfy little app which analyses your various social accounts and based on the activity of the people you follow, provides summaries of the news stories you most want to see. It’s great strength is its simplicity. Although you can configure the number of summaries you receive per day it will only show you a maximum of ten stories. Even with this limit I haven’t missed a single story I wanted to see.

Right now now it comes in three flavours: web, email and iPhone but it can’t be too long before an Android version ships.

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