By January 27, 2010

Answers to all Apple tablet questions will be known today!

It will be 6PM in London, UK, when the launch event of Apple will start today. While during the launch event of iPhone in 2007 nobody knew for sure whether this product will revolutionise anything, this time things are different: thanks to huge success of iPhone and iPod touch and their app store, now everybody expects that Apple’s product will be revolutionary…

So time of guessing will be soon (today!) over, but let’s prepare a checklist, a list of questions that we need to get answered, that would help us to take decision whether we should buy this new Apple tablet thingy! Here is the checklist/questions:

  1. how much will it cost? 400 pounds with subscription and 700 pounds without cellular subscription – will it be the price?
  2. is it powered by ARM-compatible processor or by Intel x86-compatible processor?
  3. is it backwards compatible with old iPhone OS applications (if processor is ARM) and Mac OS X applications (if processor is x86)?
  4. will it be possible – for developers – to create one binary of an app, that would work in iPhone OS 3.x, iPod Touch, iPhone 4G (coming in July 2010) and in this Apple tablet – without the need to prepare special versions for tablet?
  5. does it have digitizer pen (not to be confused with stylus) so that high-precision drawing would be possible?
  6. does it have cellular data modem? if yes: what bands: also for T-Mobile USA or only AT&T and Europe?
  7. will it be possible to make cellular phone calls with it? (via headset) – many netbooks have built-in cellular data modules but one cannot make phone calls on them without VoIP
  8. can it be used as tablet for food? in other words: will the display of Apple tablet be made of glass or from soft plastic? Note: we have tried to eat food on Toshiba tablets and usually it works out well but the display sometimes is bending and screeching.
  9. how long will be battery life? unlike cellphones it is not standby time that matters in tablets but time of operation when used in switched-on mode. We want at least 11-12 hours so that it should work whole time on a flight between Europe and USA (west coast).
  10. finally, least important: how it will be called? iSlate or iTablet or iPad or iGuide or what?

If you have your own questions that you need to get answered, please post them in comments below! (no registration required to post)

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