By July 22, 2011

Android Tablets gain ground on Apple

Apple Sales of Apple’s iPad have increased three-fold in the past year and there is certainly no denying the iPad’s position as tablet champion. Think tablet, think Apple, the iPad is the benchmark by which all other tablets are measured at the moment.

I realise that Apple and the iPad are not to everyone’s taste and there are now more choices that ever when it comes to tablets, almost every hardware manufacturer out there is releasing their own tablet and almost all run Android OS.

This time last year Apple had almost 95% of the tablet market. However, just a year later and Apple see that market share fall to just 61.3%

So it the tide turning against Apple in favour of Android? Probably not. Let’s not forget that this time last year there was far less choice when it came to buying a tablet and Apple have basically created the tablet market. Whilst the news it great for Google and Android integrators I don’t think Apple will to too worried, sales are still growing and the market, just like the tablets themselves, is still evolving.


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