By March 7, 2010

Android review: Seesmic for Twitter


Is it possible to have a fully featured Twitter app on a handset with a price to make other’s eye’s pop out? We take a look at Seesmic for Twitter to see what’s occurring.


Seesmic offer multi-platform twitter applications that provides a full, and rich experience. Their Android client seems to be no different. Many twitter clients fail to offer more than one account, however, with Seemic you have multiple accounts. I have yet to discover if their is a limit to the amount of accounts you can have, however I run four and that more than some of the paid clients you’ll find in the marketplace


Unlike many clients this one packs a lot of information onto the screen without appearing cluttered or crammed. The interface is clean and finger friendly and whilst there is very little in the way of customisation this is little to get in your way that you would want to fiddle with. That said the colour scheme would be nice to monkey around with.


Composing a Tweet is a synch. Options to add photos, GPS co-ordinates and links are right there alongside adding your additional accounts and shrinking a web address. When adding a photo it kindly asks there and then if you wish to take a picture or use one from memory.


Adding media to your tweets is catered for across the board. You are first asked if you wish to you TweetPhoto, a service Seesmic must have an understanding with however you can select almost all of the other hosting services out there, including Youtube


There isn’t too much in the way of options, the settings are overtaken by selection of hosting for your tweets, your preference of URL Shortening and your Youtube details. There are plentiful notification options which is a nice surprise and you’ll find a nice combination to be both informative and unobtrusive.


When querying profiles all Twitter information is displayed. Bring up followers and those you are following’s information is quick, obviously depending on your connection speed, and presented neatly.


Overall, Seesmic is a pleasant experience when it comes to Twitter. You can find more in the way of customisation in other clients Seesmic seems to get it all right straight up. I use this on both my Nexus One and my Archos 5 and on the latter it can really cram in a lot of tweets given the huge display. Twitter clients are a dime a dozen, but this one goes one better than most, free for all and offers everything you could need. You can’t argue with that.

You can get Seemic for Twitter from the marketplace.


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