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Android gaming round-up 03/11/13

imgresLets take a look at the latest games on the Android platform.

Trouserheart is a new hack n’ slash game has arrived onto Google Play from 10tons called Trouserheart. In this game you are not trying to save a princess who has been kidnapped, free a realm from a monster invasion or any other typical fantasy type of theme you find in a lot of hack n’ slash games. Instead you’ll be out to rescue a pair of pants that has been stolen from the king.

Trouserheart Features:

  • Meet peculiar enemies
  • Hoard treasures
  • Upgrade your sword, shield, and armor
  • Defeat 10 unique bosses
  • Gain more than dozen achievements
  • Explore exciting environments
  • Choose between two difficulty levels plus the perma death mode


Amiga classic Rocket Ranger zooms into Play

This game is set in the 1940s but features some of the cool futuristic Sci-fi goodies you would see in films set in this time period. There’s zombie women, ray guns and the National Socialists end up winning Word War II. It’s all about being a secret agent who happens to be able to fly and is pretty good at punching enemies in the face when the time arises.

Rocket Ranger Features:

  • 100% accurate emulation allows you to play the classic Rocket Ranger in its original glory!
  • Traverse the world eliminating the threat.
  • Epic battles in the sky! Deploy secret agents! Engage in shoot-outs!
  • Easy-to-use controls on your device.
  • Includes original instruction manual.


Transport Tycoon updated.

For those of you unfamiliar with Transport Tycoon, this is the port of the original game onto mobile devices. Your goal is to become the biggest business tycoon in the transportation industry and you’ll start off with transporting good on the ground. Eventually you’ll make your way to air and water as well, improving your business along the way as you make profit on each shipment.

The new update brings a slew of fixes that were very much needed for this game. There also happens to be a new Halloween-themed title screen as well which is a rather nice touch.


  • Halloween-themed loading scream (screen).
  • Autosave now operates via a timer, selectable as an option
  • Autosave will no longer load automatically, load can be done by scrolling to the saved file in the load a saved game menu
  • Players can now customise station names
  • Players can now customise vehicle names
  • Added loading/saving progress bar
  • Trains lengths now displayed as required platform lengths

pocket-harvest-android-gamePocket Harvest is pretty much as the title suggests – a farming sim game. The goal in this particular game is to become the biggest and best farm out there, supplying grocery stores with all the good they need and in return making a healthy profit. However it isn’t all boring crop harvesting and cattle breeding. You’ll be able to build an entire amusement park around your farm to attract tourists and make even more money. You will be able to build all kinds of attractions from hot air balloons to sports facilities in an attempt to bring people to your farm. Depending on the combination you use, you’ll see either slow growth, fast growth or none at all.


Romans From Mars is an endless-wave castle defence game where you will be defending your castle in a first-person view with your trusty ballista.


  • Battle endless waves of Martians determined to take over Earth
  • Upgrade your crossbow ballista to create the ultimate weapon of destruction
  • Unleash your godly elemental powers of Fire, Ice, Earth, and Lightning
  • Defend your castle against 10 different types of alien enemies including the powerful Centurion Mech
  • Hours of gameplay with 30 achievements to earn!

… and finally some sale items:

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