By October 23, 2008

A Snow Globe for all seasons

IMG_0011 If your after a Snow Globe type application to keep the children occupied when your out shopping or in the pub then you have to check out Super Snow Globe. This application is available from the iTunes App Store and it has themes for all occasions. Five themes in total, Halloween, Autumn (which they call Fall), Winter, Christmas and New Year. Each theme has different music to accompany the scene. You can also choose between the traditional snow globe format of a limited amount of ghosts/leaves/snow/stars/champagne bubbles falling to the bottom of the screen or a constant fall of the objects which is never ending.

The accelerometer in the iPhone and iPod Touch works really well with the application giving you the option to shake the device to create the snow globe effect or tilting the device to direct the fall of the objects. The graphics are nicely created and I gave this to my nine year old to play with and she loved it and she has quite a large collection of real snow globes to compare it with.

Screen Shots

IMG_0013 IMG_0014

IMG_0015 IMG_0016

A few areas for improvement, give me a green Christmas tree fully decorated with a roaring fire for the Christmas scene and a bit more snow etc to make it more realistic, in a real snow globe the snow piles up at the bottom of the screen before you shake it. Apart from that this is a nice application for the kids or your office desk if your in a festive mood or in need of cheering up.

You can get it through iTunes here

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