By January 30, 2010

A precursor of iBooks app for iPad – now available for free for limited time

Apart from iTunes store, app store (separate app in iPhone and iPod touch), with release of iPad, Apple is releasing 3rd store: iBooks store! Interesting an app for reading and buying eBooks – called “iBooks” – looks very similar to “Classics” app:

To celebrate the fact that Apple was inspired by their app, developers of “Classics” made it now free. Get it now by clicking on link below. It’s not a universal eBook reader but it has only some classic eBooks.

* * * * *

Here are some remarks about iBooks for iPad (and we hope that iBooks for iPhone will be released too):

* while it is true that front page of iBooks for iPad looks exactly the same as iPhone app “classics”, after turning the front page around iBooks store appears and “Classics” doesn’t have such 3D turning effect

* the 3D turning pages effect is similar in both iBooks and in “Classics”

* while the first impression is that eBooks at iBooks will be more expensive than Amazon eBooks, recently in an interview Steve Jobs denied saying that the prices will be the same and that even some publishers will abandon Amazon because Apple will offer better conditions

Conclusion: go and download “Classics” app to your iPhone or iPod touch to get a feeling how upcoming Apple’s own iBooks app will look like!

Get it here (price: FREE for limited time, so get it now, tiger!):

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