By July 26, 2008

A look at the Samsung i8510

first Laptop Magazine are currently showing a video of another upcoming Samsung. This one, the i8510, has an impressive 8.1 megapixel camera and runs off Symbian. List of all features is after the break.

  • QVGA (320×240) video: We shot a few seconds of video and, though we didn’t have time to download and view it on a computer, we were very impressed with how our movie, which was shot outdoors on a very overcast day, looked on the screen.

  • Slow-motion video shooting at 1/4 and 1/8 speeds: We tested the 1/8 speed and, as you can see in our video hands-on below, it looks really good. Slow-motion video is a fairly new feature on cell phones. In fact the only U.S. phone we’ve seen it on so far is the LG Dare.

  • A lens shutter that opens and shuts automatically: Not enough camera phones have shutters to protect their lenses from the inevitable scratches and dust they get bouncing around in your pocket or purse. Those that do have shutters usually force you to open and close them manually. The shutter on the i8510 opens when you’re shooting and closes when you’re done.

  • A bright 2.8-inch screen: The screen just looks fantastic in either portrait or landscape mode. However, it’s highly-reflective so overhead light can be an issue.

  • 16GB of storage: That’s more than enough to hold an entire vacation full of photos and videos or hours and hours of music.

  • Wi-Fi: We didn’t have an open Wi-Fi network to test with but we did notice that this 3G-capable phone also sports Wi-Fi.

  • Symbian OS: While not common in U.S. phones, Symbian is popular in Europe and Asia. We wonder whether a U.S. version of this phone might have a different OS.

  • An optical controller: You navigate around the screen by moving your finger above the control pad, which is like an inverted optical mouse. You don’t have to actually touch the pad to move, but you can if you prefer that clicking action.

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