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A BlackBerry that does mobile fingerprints

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I happened to be watching a video from Essex Police today on YouTube about a mobile fingerprint device when ‘shock horror’ I saw that the device is incorporated with a BlackBerry. That got me super excited.

Officers on the beat can now check an individual’s identity within two minutes thanks to a mobile fingerprinting device.
The gadgets, which were introduced in Essex in July 2011, allow officers to scan a person’s fingerprints and check them against the national fingerprint database.
The devices were given to Essex Police by the National Policing Improvement Agency (NPIA) and mean people can be identified much more quickly, saving the public and police officers time and making it difficult for people to lie about who they really are.
Officers across Essex, including those at Stansted Airport and the county’s ports, have been trained to use the devices.

You can see the mobile fingerprint device in action below.

Mobile Fingerprint Device



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