By August 8, 2008

8 reasons why Blackberry Thunder beat the iPhone

8-reasons-blackberry-thunder-beats-apple-iphone-3g-300x300 The Phone Report has published 8 reason why they believe the Blackberry Thunder is better than the iPhone. They are:

  • The Thunder is better for typists
  • Better contracts (in terms of price plans)
  • Better for business (BlackBerry has a huge reputation with businessmen)
  • Better memory (microSD removable memory)
  • Better display (resolution at 360×480 pixels with advanced haptic feedback)
  • Better compatibility (Has Bluetooth, which works in headset-only mode with the iPhone, USB, and is designed for Windows, which is the most used operating system in the world)
  • Works with iTunes and Windows Media Player (BlackBerry Media Sync)
  • Has Visual Voicemail for any network.

Fair enough reasons, however, I’m guessing iPhone fans will be able to counter attack them and Windows Mobiles fan will agree and add to them.

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