By May 19, 2017

Zappar showcases Accuray’s innovative technology through Mixed Reality

Zappar, the world leaders in augmented and mixed reality, has partnered with Accuray to help bring to life the company’s new Radixact™ Treatment Delivery System at the annual European Society for Radiotherapy & Oncology (ESTRO) meeting in Vienna, Austria. Renowned for its leading-edge medical solutions, our latest innovation enabled Accuray to demonstrate some highly advanced features of the Radixact System through Zappar’s new mixed reality technology.

Using Zappar’s technology, delegates who attended the meeting were taken on a journey ‘inside’ the physical machinery, bringing to life the internal components and offering a unique view of the product itself – all via ‘pointcodes’ which allowed a mobile device to track digital content to the physical device.

Designed especially for the ESTRO meeting, the inner workings showed potential customers how x-ray radiation, refined beamlines and fast imaging technology are used to deliver treatments to patients.  This offered an invaluable opportunity for the company to actively engage with customers and key decision makers. Birgit Fleurent, Chief Marketing Officer at Accuray commented, “We are working with Zappar to present an alternative digital channel which enables us to effectively demonstrate our products to a larger number of customers. As a company, we pride ourselves in providing innovative technology to the medical industry and our marketing solutions should be no different. We have achieved an overwhelmingly positive response to the mixed reality technology from this year’s attendees at ESTRO, which demonstrates just how valuable this type of innovation is for the industry.”

Max Dawes, Partnerships Director at Zappar, added, “Mixed reality can add real value to the medical industry especially in conveying the features and benefits of highly technical pieces of machinery to customers. We were excited to work closely with Accuray to make sure we delivered a practical and engaging solution that demonstrated the company’s innovative product in the best possible way.”

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