By July 7, 2016

Data memory systems excited by Seagate’s ‘light’ 10TB hard drive

logoHelium-filled hard drives have been talked about for quite some time in the industry, however Seagate, one of the leading storage solutions in the world, has recently announced that their new 10TB hard drive is filled with helium in order to give users superior performance. Data Memory Systems, one of the leading computer memory specialists in the US, has championed the developments, signaling it as an innovation for the industry.

Revolutionizing the industry by creating a much larger and faster drive than their previous creations, Seagate have merged high capacity storage with the industry’s lowest weight and power available in a 10TB drive. Raising the bar for storage capacity, the new drive meets the growing storage requirements for both public and private cloud-based data centers.

Justin Briere, Senior Account Manager at Data Memory Systems said, “Over the last couple of years, the data memory industry has really upped its game. As the world relies more and more on technology and documents and files are digitized, the need for more storage is essential. It’s great for the industry that leaders, such as Seagate are pioneering new technology and leading the industry from the top.”

Helium is much less dense than air, meaning it can reduce the amount of resistance and heat inside the drive. This allows the spinning disks to operate with reduced friction and energy usage. Reducing the weight to data ratio by 30 percent, they are extremely convenient and efficient. Able to cope with large amounts of data at any one time, it pushes the boundaries of what’s possible.

Able to accommodate seven platters rather than five, the new drives use up to 30 per cent less power than their counterparts. They are also sealed in order to prevent gas leakage, which enables them be liquid-cooled – without causing damage to the disks.

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