By January 9, 2010

3G problems with Google Nexus One?

Google are rightly proud of their new Android handset, the Nexus One. However, it seems that the launch has not been without a hiccup or two.

The latest problem that many early adopters seem to be reporting relates to the 3G performance and seems to be specific to those using T-Mobile.

Apparently when the device looses 3G reception the phone falls back to EDGE or GPRS, which is in itself a good thing as it means that you retain your data connection. The problem though, is that the Nexus is not then reverting back to 3G connectivity even when 3G coverage resumes. The only way to get back to 3G is to reboot the device.

At the moment Google are blaming the T-Mobile 3G network. Affected users seem to be unable to get any kind of support from either Google or T-Mobile.

Personally I suspect that the problem lies with the device itself being too aggressive with the SIM and connectivity. We’ve seen a very similar problem with the Acer Liquid on T-Mobile. The problem with the Liquid is that when you loose your signal, going in to a tunnel for example, then you cant get coverage back until you either reboot the handset or switch flight mode on and off. As both the Nexus and the Liquid are android devices I wonder if there could potentially be a common issue.

We should have our Nexus in a few days time so I’ll test with T-mobile as well as other networks and see how we get on with it.

Love to hear from anyone that has a Nexus One experiencing this problem, let us know via the forum!


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