By September 17, 2009

3D iPlane Pro for iPhone released

Here comes low budget flight simulator that costs just one buck and is also available in a limited free version.

In this flight simulator you are flying F22 which is the most modern fighter aircraft in USA. It is so modern that it is forbidden by law in USA to export this plane and instead USA is selling to other countries, including its “allies” from NATO, outdated junk like F16. No wonder then that some countries prefer to buy latest generations of fighter planes from Russia or EU, because they sell also latest generations to everybody.

Anywho, here is how this app looks like:


Let’??s rock with F22 plane and U-235 aircraft in 3D world. Drive your favorite plane to collect energy balls and cross the sun rings. You have 3 wonderful planes, tilting it to change directions, collect energy balls and avoid obstacles. Gather as many energy balls or pass through all the sunrings before time goes up. There are 6 deferent scenes, from infinity outer space to cozy family room. With gravity feature of iPhone, dedicate 3D graphic and smooth control, this game is both perfect for long-term iPhone fans and first-time player.

Get it here (pro version for $0.99):

Get it here (free version):

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