By July 30, 2013

3 Ways Samsung’s Innovations will Change your Smartphones for the Foreseeable Future

clip_image001You know the drill when it comes to new cell phone technology. You pay for the hottest model every year, but not even a week later, it’s outdated. If you’re ready for real innovation and incredible improvements, keep an eye out for the upcoming Samsung Youm, which will be the first real innovation in smartphone tech, since, well, smartphones came out.

OLED Screens Are Flexible

Here’s the coolest thing about the Samsung Youm: the screen can bend. Using new OLED technology, Samsung has discovered a way to turn your flat, solid phone screen into a flexible multi-use display. You might not think that’s so neat right now, but wait until you realize what this kind of screen can do. Bending in any direction, the Samsung Youm’s screen allows for more screen space and previously impossible angles for all sorts of useful functions, like reading text messages without even picking up the phone.

If you think that’s awesome, then hold on to your hat. This next feature might blow your mind.

It’s a Cell Phone and a Tablet

You already own a lot of gadgets, from your smart phone to your tablet to your e-reader. Wouldn’t it be great if you could combine them all into one device?

An OLED screen is capable of bending, folding, and even rolling, creating an all new range of product styles. Samsung revealed just a couple ideas in a recent Keynote address that could change the cell phone market forever, including a foldable cell phone that can open up to become a tablet. It looks like something out of a sci-fi movie set in the distance future, but this technology might become available to consumers this year.

Of course, parents will love this new 2-in-1 tablet style. Tablets are exploding with teens, who still demand the coolest smart phone out there at the same time. Parents will now be able to save a ton of money providing their kids with these useful devices – or maybe just getting one for themselves.

The Youm’s Screen Will Never Shatter

OLED screen technology doesn’t stop at being flexible, however. Because it’s made from special plastic instead of glass, Samsung’s Youm is virtually indestructible. If you’ve ever dropped your smart phone, you know how scary that second before it lands can be, and how relieved you feel if your device escapes unscathed. If you upgrade to the Youm you will never again have to fear cracking or breaking your screen. It’s a phone user’s ultimate dream.

It helps that Samsung’s OLED screen looks great, too. The Youm is much thinner and lighter than any phone on the market right now and still manages to have an incredibly vivid display. The screen can produce its own light, eliminating the need for extra backlight parts and lowering the phone’s power usage.

The Youm is still undergoing research and development, so it might be a while before you can get one for yourself. But now that you know this kind of technology is on the way, you’d better start saving up, and say goodbye to the outdated smart phones of the past.

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