By April 14, 2009

3 striking Toshiba netbooks on the way

toshleaks claims to have just leaked Toshiba’s mobile product line for the next year, and there are three products we found especially exciting—a 7-inch netbook-ish transformer and a series of touchscreen QWERTY cellphones.

The Toshiba K01 is a 4.1-inch capacitive touchscreen QWERTY slider. It features a 1GHz processor, 3.2MP camera and WM 6.5. The K02 is a clamshell version of the chipset, but it features a 3.5-inch touchscreen with QWERTY on the inside and a 10-button pad with a secondary LCD on the outside.

Toshiba’s most exciting plan, however, is the HTC Advantage-like L01. Featuring a 7-inch screen and wireless QWERTY. It would make a heck of a netbook…if the platform weren’t built on Windows Mobile 6.5. Engadget points out that when they spotted an L01 prototype earlier in the year, it was loaded with a fuel cell. Interesting…

All devices are planned to come out near the end of 2009 in some market or other.

[Techblog via Gizmodo]

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