By January 6, 2010

3 and T-Mobile to stock Nexus One


3 and T-Mobile in discussion with Google to stock the Nexus One handset, alongside Vodafone, but O2 rules out move at this time

Operators 3 and T-Mobile are expected to stock Google’s Nexus One handset within the next couple of months. T-Mobile and 3 are in dialogue with Google to stock the HTC Nexus One handset, which is to be avaialble through operators  during Q1. Vodafone has already confirmed it will stock the device in the coming months.

The handset is now on sale SIM free through Google for £331 and can work on any GSM network. It is ALSO expected to be available at a subsidised cost when purchased as part of a monthly contract.

3’s head of internet services David Kerrigan said: "It’s a great internet phone and we expect plenty of people to import it to the UK. Our £15 Sims with unlimited internet access, texts and 3-to-3 calls and 300 cross-net minutes are ready and waiting.

"We see this as a natural platform for our unique Skype, Windows Live Messenger and Spotify offers,’ David Kerrigan, head of internet services at 3."

A T-Mobile spokesperson said: "We can confirm that we are in discussions with Google to stock the Nexus One.

"T-Mobile has an existing close relationship with Google with the G1 and G2 and launched Android excusively so we are a trusted partner."

Orange declined to comment on whether it is involved in similar discussios with Google to stock the Nexus One for confidential reasons.

O2 told Mobile News it has no plans to stock the Nexus One at this time.

An O2 spokesperson said: "We have no current announcement to make about supporting the Google Nexus One in the UK, but we will continue to review and refresh our product range to ensure we meet the demands of our customers.
"As a general rule, to get the best experience from your mobile, we do not advise customers to buy handsets which have not been specifically configured for the O2 UK network.

"We welcome innovation in our industry, and have already seen devices such as the Apple iPhone and Palm Pre have a huge effect on the way people use their mobile phones. Things are moving fast and the range of services available on phones is increasing rapidly, so our aim is to help customers choose the right phone for them."


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