By December 13, 2008

2008’s Top 10 Windows Mobile Apps, news and review has released its picks for Top 10 Windows Mobile Apps for 2008. The question now is: Do you have some or all of them in your Windows Mobile device?

Without further ado, the top apps for the site are:

  1. Spb Mobile Shell 2.0 (Spb Software House)
  2. Winterface (VITO Technology)
  3. Spb Pocket Plus 4.0 (Spb Software House)
  4. eWallet 6.1 (Ilium Software)
  5. SMS-Chat (VITO Technology)
  6. Solitaire (Astraware)
  7. Resco Explorer 2008 (Resco)
  8. Spb Online 1.0 (Spb Software House)
  9. NewsBreak 2.0 (Ilium Software)
  10. Spb Traveler 2.0 (Spb Software House)

Visit for more information about why they landed on the top 10.

These apps, by the way, are now on sale for 20% off at the website’s store with the use of coupon code CFTOP2008 at check out.

Clinton Fitch is a Microsoft MVP in Mobile Device and his four-year-old site is respected for its reviews of Windows Mobile hardware and software.

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