By November 8, 2008

20 Megapixel camera phones round the corner (and down the road a bit)

ericsson-2012-visionThe European half of Sony Ericsson, Ericsson AB, has huge plans for mobile phones in the next couple of years. Does a 20-megapixel camera with full HD video recording capabilities, XGA 1024×768 screen resolution 1 GHz processor and LTE connectivity sound interesting enough for you?

Apparently, this is what they’re planning to equip mobile phones with by 2012. We have no doubt that when they say mobile phones they’re referring to Sony Ericsson phones, but it just makes you wonder, are these phones we’re talking about or little mini computers? Anyway, I think we’re already well on our way down the road considering the number of 8-megapixel camera phones that are out now. If not for anything else, Ericsson sure knows how to paint a good picture so we can get all excited about 2012.


[PMPtoday via engadgetmobile]

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