By December 14, 2006

1,000Gb on a Single Disk!

Researchers at the University of Central Florida have developed a new technology that will allow users to record and store massive amounts of data, thousands of Gigabytes, of data on a single disk or perhaps a small cube using Belfield’s Two-Photon 3-D Optical Data Storage system.

“For a while, the community has been able to record data in photochromic materials in several layers,” Belfield said. “The problem was that no one could figure out how to read out the data without destroying it. But we cracked it.”

Imagine being able to store 500 movies or an entire library of data on a single disk!

The process involves shooting two different wavelengths of light onto the recording surface. The use of two lasers creates a very specific image that is sharper than what current techniques can render. Depending on the colour (wavelength) of the light, information is written onto a disk. The information is highly compacted, so the disk isn’t much thicker. It’s like a typical DVD.

Read the full news release HERE.


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