By December 5, 2006

12 Days of Christmas – Prize number 9

To make it three prizes in one day here’s another prize for our ‘12 Days of Christmas‘ competition.

This is your chance to win the brilliant Voice2Go software from VITO Technology which is worth almost $30 and was a finalist of the PocketPC and Smartphone magazine best software awards!

VITO Voice2Go
VITO Voice2Go

VITO Voice2Go is a voice recognition application for Pocket PC that allows managing your Pocket PC with your own voice! With VITO Voice2Go you can forget about tapping the screen with the stylus – what a boring and old-style way of communicating with your PDA!
Now everything, yes, everything can be done by just telling your Pocket PC what you want – in your own language, in the way you like:

  • Starting and quitting applications
  • Calling your contacts and hanging up the phone
  • Modifying system settings
  • Pressing any buttons with your voice and macro recording
  • Prize Question: Which spoken languages can VITO Voice2Go understand? You’ll have to go to the VITO Technology website for the answer!

    This prize has now been won. There is will be another one later on!


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