By December 5, 2006

12 Days of Christmas – Prize number 7

We are into the 5th day of our ‘12 Days of Christmas‘ competition and here we have another prize from our friends at VITO Technology.

VITO QuickContact
VITO QuickContact

VITO QuickContact is a contact manager for your Pocket PC, that includes everything you need to call your contacts, input phone numbers and search people in your database. QuickContact allows you to stay connected on the go and dial any numbers without even touching the stylus! QuickContact is designed to enable one-handed control, using only your joystick.

VITO QuickContact will always be there when you need it:

  • While driving with one hand on the steering wheel, you will easily find the necessary contact details of your business partner.
  • While answering an important phone call in the office, you may quickly dial your manager to break him urgent news asap.
  • With heavy bags after a long shopping day, use one finger to call your husband and ask him to pick you up.
  • When going in for sport like bicycling, you will only need one hand to make a phone call or look at the necessary contact details on-the-go.
  • In case of emergency when you can’t use both hands, VITO Quick Contact will only need one of your fingers to help you out.
  • Prize Question: What is the upgrage policy for VITO QuickContact? You’ll have to go to the VITO Technology website for the answer!

    This prize had now been won. Come back later for another chance to win!


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