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10 Things the new iPhone must have (Look back)

image I posted an article at the end of May with a list of 10 must have features the iPhone 3G must have for it to be a worthwhile upgrade. I thought it would be interesting to look back at the article and see what we have been given by Apple and what’s been missed and see if it’s a worthwhile upgrade.


image 1) Obviously 3G but for me it has to be at least 3.6mb/s HSDPA.

I believe it is 3.6mb/s but have yet to see it in writing.

2) Improved camera, lets be honest the current one is awful.

No Apple why did you not improve the camera 2 MPX is rubbish

3) Copy and paste, this is a huge miss by Apple.

No mention of copy and paste what a mistake

4) MMS messaging, its been around for a while and is handy sometimes and should be on the iPhone.

Again no mention of MMS, pretty standard on every phone now, do not understand why it is still missing

5) Forwarding of SMS, again a big miss for me.

Are you kidding, still no mention of SMS forwarding

6) More Bluetooth functionality, like A2DP and ability to connect with a GPS receiver.

Again no improvement in the Bluetooth functionality but we do have built in AGPS

7) Third party apps, again this is a given.

Yes the App Store will be launched on July 11th

8) Good battery life, if again its a non removable battery we need good long life from it.

The figures they are quoting seem good but we will have to wait and see

9) Over the air itunes and apps downloads or what’s the point of 3G.

Well have good, OTA Apps under 10 Mb but no music, podcasts etc, not good

10) and finally…..a reasonable price and data tariff

Well pricing particularly in the UK is very very good so I am happy with this one

So there you have it, there is still quite a lot missing form the iPhone 3G which may prevent many people from making the upgrade, having said that maybe the reason behind MMS being left out is to pave the way for a 3rd party App to be sold in the App Store and the same with the other missing items, we shall see.

Are you going to upgrade?

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