By October 11, 2008

Xperia unboxed at Dailymotion

sonyericssonx1-xperia-08Dailymotion looks to have have a fully functioning Xperia in their hands, the lucky devils.Its out in Sweden now so we will have to closely monitor the proceedings here. I’ve nicked all their pictures, you can see them after the break.

sonyericssonx1-xperia-00 sonyericssonx1-xperia-01 sonyericssonx1-xperia-02 sonyericssonx1-xperia-03 sonyericssonx1-xperia-05 sonyericssonx1-xperia-06 sonyericssonx1-xperia-07 sonyericssonx1-xperia-07a sonyericssonx1-xperia-08 sonyericssonx1-xperia-09 sonyericssonx1-xperia-10 sonyericssonx1-xperia-11 sonyericssonx1-xperia-12 sonyericssonx1-xperia-13 sonyericssonx1-xperia-14

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