By January 17, 2010

Windows Mobile 7 not backwards compatible?

James posted earlier about Windows Mobile 7 and over the past week speculation as to its launch date have been rife. Will it launch, will it be at MWC, will there be an interim version of Windows Mobile (WM6.6), there seem to be more questions than hard-answers at the moment for sure!

Another story that surfaced earlier today was the question mark over Windows Mobile 7’s compatibility with existing WinMo applications. This came about after Eldar Murtazin allegedly got his hands on an early version of Windows Mobile 7 running on a yet to be announced new device. Murtazin then proceeded to tweet “Hate Windows Mobile 7. No apps from previous version of WM working here. Not compatible at all. Couldnt do anything.” Now these tweets from Murtazin have since been deleted but call my a suspicious soul, but I’d be surprised if a version of WM7 has really got in to the wild without anyone really knowing about it, no screen shots and substantiated evidence?

And what of this unknown handset? Again, it’s not very often that we don’t have at least some idea about what’s coming. All seems a bit suss to me!

Now we’ve already been told that Windows Mobile 7 is an all-new OS written from the ground up in much the same way as Windows Vista was. It should not be considered an upgrade to 6.5 but an all new version of the OS. With that said, I suppose it would be easy to understand how it would be possible for Windows Mobile 7 not to be backwards compatible BUT for Microsoft not to build in backwards compatibility would, in my opinion, be a huge mistake. Consider all the existing WinMo software back catalogue, it’s not a small number of apps. and games!

I’d be very surprised if Windows Mobile 7 turned out not to be able to run existing software, maybe there would be issues with the odd title but not the whole lot!?

Thoughts everyone?


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