By July 15, 2009

Where is TomTom for iPhone?

What is going on? Dutch company TomTom offers navigation software that belongs to the most popular in the world and certainly most popular in Europe. They make not only software for smartphones but also plenty of navigation devices too and also plenty of accessories (like the holder for iPhone pictured above).

However until now, still TomTom for iPhone has not been released, despite the fact that it has been officially announced! Why?

Firstly let us tell you that now there are already some turn-by-turn GPS navigation apps in the app store! Just search for "Navigon" or "Sygic" in app store to find them. However TomTom is still not released.

I think we know why! Do you know what is jailbreaking? It is breaking your phone so that it can run any third party apps, also those not approved by Apple (example: iPhone 3G could record videos but Apple crippled it on purpose and Apple adds video recording app only to iPhone 3GS = a clear lie and dirty practice of Apple). However a dirty, very dirty "secret" of jailbreaking is that you can find, at websites like "", all the apps available on App store, but you don’t have to pay anything. Even Navigon is there for free!

We reckon that TomTom is working on figuring out how to copy protect their software on iPhone. Probaby it is so easy to hack apps that once TomTom will be released to app store, hackers would have it hacked within days and everybody who jailbreaks their iPhone would have for free off the Internet.

Conclusion: piracy on iPhone is rampant – on massive scale – and no wonder that TomTom for iPhone is not out yet. We reckon that TomTom wants to add additional security to their app (on other smartphoners users are required to activate over Internet with special codes) but there might be some problems…

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